23 June 2012 @ 08:59 pm
Did a bit of shopping yesterday and today. I found some awesome colourful clothes for New York :) Also bought a hat that I finally found in my size *-*

Oh and wtf happened to LJ's new way of posting pics? -___-'

Anyways, have a nice weekend everyone ♥

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18 February 2012 @ 06:38 pm
So my crush texted me yesterday and he was clearly drunk, but why would he text me? *ponders*

Also dinner last night was absolutely amazing! Fabulous food, great wine, nice company and overall, just brilliant :D It was totally what I needed to forget about my teeth for a while!

Sadly my teeth is coursing me troubles again >_< So I have to call my dentist Monday and tell her my problems and hope she can solve it D:

Anyways... Just like last weekend I got spoiled again today XD

Shopping :)) )

Also have some random pictures XD

Random... )
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